Tom Wood’s Drive Shafts

Aedofab is an official distributor of Tom Woods custom driveshafts. Contact us to help you work through making measurements, or for advice on purchasing a ready-made replacement or upgraded shaft.

The folks at Aedofab and our customers have been using Tom Woods driveshafts for years. They serve the purpose of being a top quality heavy duty replacement of your stock shaft, or a heavy duty replacement to make up for changes in driveline angles that come from lifting your 4×4. When a 4×4 is lifted, what typically results is a change in the height of the transfer case in relation to the height of the differential on your axle. This causes additional stress and often times audible vibrations because the stock shaft was not designed to work at the new geometry. Ordering a CV or “Double Cardon” driveshaft can help correct the problem. The following are types of custom drive shafts. Contact us for more information or to place an order. Ultimate Travel

Up to 24″ of travel from compression to extension Multiple Double Cardan (CV)

Used for excessive compound angles Double Cardan Conversion

Stops vibration and improves life on lifted vehicles Flanged CV Conversion

Custom adapters allow use of CV joint on any application High Angle Double Cardan (CV)

Up to 80 degree articulation is the most flex of any shaft Shorty Double Cardan (CV)

Limited space, high angle

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